Strona główna


Les Titans - Szalone dni Muzyki 29.09 - 02-10.2010

Duo Marcin Grochowina / piano, Felix Borel /violin

“Elegant technique, crystalline sound and a bird’s eye view of form. Subtle administering of tension and tempos in improvisation makes it possible to taste the nuances without the impression of brash tone."Nordwest Zeitung

Marcin Grochowina piano

Marcin Grochowina is a multi-faceted musician. Apart from playing the piano and teaching, he is also involved in improvised m...

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Jánosi Ensemble

András Jánosi violin András Túri viola, gardon István Tóth bass, drum Tamás Nyitrai violin (guest) Miklós Szűcs vokal, bagpipe (guest)

“Those who took part at the Liszt-concert of the Jánosi Ensemble at december 21, could listen to one of the most exciting and most inspiring undertakings of the Liszt-Year.&rdquo...

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Modigliani Quartet

Philippe Bernhard violin

Loïc Rio violin

Laurent Marfaing viola

François Kieffer cello

 “The Modigliani is not the kind of quartet, common today, that lures the listener into a bath of warm, sumptuous string tone, or that dazzles with pyrotechnics. Instead it plays with a Gallic cool, supported by a solid, thoroughly unified technique.”. The New York...

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Motion Trio


Janusz Wojtarowicz accordion Paweł  Baranek accordion Marcin Gałażyn accordion

”Those who had the old-fashioned impression about the accordion, after Motion Trio concert had to change it radically.” Libération

Motion Trio - an accordion trio founded in 1996 by Janusz Wojtarowicz – leader and composer of most of the group’s repertoir...

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Mihály Sipos violin László Porteleki violin Péter Éri viola, flute Dániel Hamar bass, gardon, percussion

“Muzsikás is the best folk ensemble in Hungary today… A wealth of musical themes performed by wonderful musicians.”The Washington Post


Thirty-five years into its career, Muzsikás remains the mos...

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Pražák Quartett


Pavel Hula violin

Vlastimil Holek violin

Josef Kluson viola

Michal Kanka cello


“Here we find generous lyricism, a wealth of tone, tension and rhythm, which make the Prazák Quartet one of the greatest present-day string quartets.” Diapason


The Prazák Quartet was created when its members were studying at the Prague...

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Trio Chausson

Philippe Talec violin

Antoine Landowski cello

Boris de Larochelambert piano

“The Trio appears to be one of the best chamber music ensembles. The musicians’ extraordinary virtuosity translates into poetic reflection on the work and on its sense of interpretation.” Pianiste


The music of Chausson captivates the listener. It is full of dilemmas and sudde...

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